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International exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste collection and recycling «Waste Management 2017» will be organised by Business-Forum company on 3-4th of October 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Supported by:
International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), Ukrainian Environmental Alliance, European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services, Club of Mayors

To date, more than 500 industry experts from 24 countries, representing more than 150 companies – MSW market operators of collection, transportation, disposal and recycling of waste and secondary raw materials, more than 100 technologies and equipment providers, 50 state and local authorities, about 20 industrial enterprises.

• Reform of legislation in the sphere of waste management
• Waste management in Ukrainian Ukraine: current state and investment environment
• Investment projects of Ukrainian regions
• Separate collection and transportation of waste
• Modern industrial solutions for waste sorting and recycling
• Waste utilization: MSW landfills
• Waste utilization: biogas, incineration, W2E

• ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION of UKRECOALLIANCE (Ukrainian Ecological Alliance Association)

• DISCUSSION of ISWA Young Professionals Group in Ukraine: «WASTE TO ENERGY IN UKRAINE»

- Equipment and technologies for recycling of hazardous waste
- Equipment and technologies for recycling of WEEE, batteries and accumulators
- Equipment and technologies for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal
- Equipment and technologies for recycling of secondary polymers
- Equipment and technologies for recycling of used tires and industrial rubber goods
- Equipment and technologies for recycling of waste paper
- Equipment and technologies for recycling glass

We invite for participation suppliers of equipment and integrated solutions for waste management, MSW operators, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, construction and engineering companies, retailers, packaged goods producers, Ministries, municipal and state authorities, diplomatic missions, territorial communities, societies of co-owners of apartment buildings.

Detailed information is available on the website

If you have any questions, please contact organizers via email or phone +38 056 794 33 94

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International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for municipal and industrial sewage treatment Waste Water Management 2017 will be conducted on 25-26th of April in, Kiev, Ukraine, in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
This international forum aims to become a platform for attracting investments and advanced technologies into the industry.
Supported by: NGO “Mayor’s Club”, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), European Water Association (EWA)
We invite suppliers of equipment and integrated solutions for sewage treatment, water utilities, financial institutions, industrial enterprises, construction and engineering companies, Ministries, State and municipal authorities, territorial communities, societies of co-owners of apartment buildings.
Within the business program of the exhibition the «Mayors Club» will conduct a special event with participation of chairmen of city councils seminar «Current trends in sewage treatment»

The main topics of the exhibition business program:
• Legislation reforms in the field of municipal and industrial waste water treatment
• Drainage systems and sewerage. Equipment and technologies
• The mechanical, chemical and biological treatment. Equipment and technologies
• Recycling and disposal of municipal and industrial sediments and sludge
• Biogas energy as a method to reduce costs
• Measurement and control equipment
• Presentation of investment projects, announcements of municipal development plans in the field of wastewater treatment in Ukrainian regions
• Sewage treatment of mining, agriculture, chemical and food industry, petrochemistry, fuel and energy complexes, landfill leachate treatment

More information is available on the website:

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September 7, in the National Complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" it was held an opening ceremony of the specialized exhibition-conference "Modernization of Housing Services is a basis of proper quality of life and sustainable community development." The event was attended by the First Vice President of the NGO "Club of Mayors" Oleksandr Mazurchak.

Organizers of the exhibition-conference: Association of Cities of Ukraine, Association "Ukrvodokanalecologiya", Association "Ukrteplokomunenerho" and Association of housing governors.

The event was supported by the Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Construction, Urban Development and Housing, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine and the NGO "Club of Mayors."

Due to extremely importance of the issue, NGO "Club of Mayors" has invited for participation in the event the heads of local governments who were able to obtain useful information and share experiences.

Under the event it was held a scientific and practical conference on topical issues of housing and communal services, financial and economic state of the eneterpises, energy efficiency and readiness of Ukrainian cities for the heating season 2016-2017. It was attended by mayors, representatives of enterprises of water and heat supplies, water discharge, housing service, international organizations, ministries, government agencies, SMEs, NGOs and academia.

A separate part of the conference was devoted to the participants of the event, invited by "Club of Mayors": heads of local government raised the questions related to preparation for the heating season and shared their positive experience of problems solving. In particular, great interest and lively discussion among participants was provoked by report of Slavutych Mayor, member of the "Club of Mayors" Yuri Fomichev, who told about the Action Plan of Sustainable Energy of Slavutych, implementation of monitoring system and creating a heating energy market in terms of district heating.

Also a very current issue was raised by Deputy Pokrov Mayor Dmytro Gordienko. He told about positive, and what was the most importantly – about effective work on building a system of resource management. According to him, on January 29th this year between Pokrovska City Council and the NGO "Agency of innovation, sustainable development and resource efficiency" it was signed a memorandum of cooperation, and there are some certain results of cooperation (details are in the presentation below).

Continuing Dmitry Gordienko’s speech, Executive Director of "Agency of innovation, sustainable development and resource efficiency" Volodymyr Alekhin told about the possibility of introducing a system of resource management of Ukrainian cities. He described the contest, which is being implemented by the Agency "Resource-efficient communities and investments." Project goal is reduction of energy consumption, efficient use of resources and attracting investments for implementing energy-saving measures. It is important that participation in this project is free, now they are selecting the first 15 city councils, for which the project implementation will be organized. For more information on the project please visit

On the 8th of September the exhibition will run, moreover, three specialized sections are working: water supply and water discharge; preparation for the heating season 2016-2017; management of apartment buildings.

Presentation materials of the conference can be downloaded here.

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In May 19-20, in the business center "Crystal" there was held a training session on local economic development, organized by the Ukrainian NGO "Club of Mayors" in cooperation with international technical assistance Project Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance (PLEDDG Project) with the support of the Association of Cities of Ukraine. The event was attended by mayors and deputies from 30 cities of 17 regions of Ukraine.

Grand opening started with greeting words of the President of NGO "Club of Mayors" Volodymyr Udovychenko, director of PLEDDG Project Oleksandr Kucherenko and Deputy Executive Director of the Association of Cities of Ukraine Valeriy Baranov. The organizers tuned the participants for a fruitful and constructive learning and charged them with positive emotions.

The first day of the training session began with fundamental points: the experts told the participants about the very concept of Local Economic Development (LED), readiness of the community to LED and institutional provision and management of LED. Introduction was smoothly changed by the second part – consideration of Ukrainian realities and such important points as the criteria and principles of "good democratic governance", the concept of participatory democracy and forms of interaction between local governments and public.

The third section of the training included a review of LED strategic tools (methodology and current practice of strategic planning, marketing and branding of the area). The participants enthusiastically listened to a Canadian expert, chief advisor on Governance of PLEDDG Project Kadie Ward. They also discussed the issues of creating a favorable business climate to stimulate and support small and medium businesses as well as new tools for conservation and development of current businesses.

The fourth part of the training which began on the second day of training, was devoted to one of the most pressing and painful issues for territories – investments attraction. The participants were offered a number of practical tasks which they performed in teams, learning how to find a perfect investor, as well as the ways of effective promotion and advertising of investment opportunities, fruitful cooperation of local authorities and investors. Also in this unit they dealt with workforce development and implementation of innovations in this area.

The last, the fifth part was devoted to the methods of financing local economic development, monitoring LED and therefore the results evaluation.

Satisfied participants who received a lot of useful information and practical skills, following the training session received certificates and expressed their willingness to further participation in workshops of "Club of Mayors", including ones organized in cooperation with PLEDDG Project .

NGO "Club of Mayors" expresses gratitude to its permanent partner - business center "Crystal" for continuous assistance in carrying out activities and providing high quality service of the European level.


Partnership for Local Economic Development and Democratic Governance Project (PLEDDG) aims to strengthen Ukraine’s municipal sector, implementation of effective democratic governance and accelerating economic development by increasing the capacity of Ukrainian cities at democratizing the governance and local economic development; creating a favorable environment for SMEs; support for decentralization and integrated development planning at local, regional and national levels.

PLEDDG Project has been being implemented since April 2015 to December 2020 by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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April, 15 at Crystal Businesss Center ( (Kyiv, Kharkiv highway, 175) there was held a training seminar for the representatives of local self-government "Managemnet of multi-apartment building today and after July 1" organized by All-Ukrainian NGO "Club of mayors" with the support of IFC «Energy efficiency in the residential sector of Ukraine". The event was attended by over 100 participants from all over Ukraine, a record number of the participants came from Donetsk region - representatives of ten cities of the region.

Opening the seminar, The President of NGO "Club of Mayors" Volodymyr Udovychenko noted that currently the issue of management of multi-apartment houses is very urgent, and local governments need advocacy, especially considering changes to legislation which will come into force on July 1, this year.

- The fact that today's seminar has gathered over 100 participants from 75 cities of Ukraine shows that this topic is extremely important. To make our workshop useful as much as possible, we invited as speakers the representatives of legislative and executive authorities, practitioners who are actively working in this direction, and can tell about all the details of creating condominiums process from their own experience. It is very important that a co-organized of the seminar was IFC Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Project, which has been working in this area for over five years. We hope that our participants will get a lot of useful information, which they will use in practice and make a contribution to their work - said Vladimir Udovychenko.

Chief of the World Bank Group "Energy efficiency in the residential sector of Ukraine" Grzegorz Gajda has been engaged in the development and implementation of housing reform in Ukraine for many years.

- Our project has been working for five and a half years at the Ukrainian market. The main goal is creation for residents of multi-apartment buildings a mechanism to attract money for implementing energy efficiency measures in their homes. Therefore, we primarily focused on changes in the legal sphere. Another direction of our work is formation of financial mechanisms for investment projects implemention by the residents, such mechanisms we have created together with two state banks - "Ukrgasbank" and "Oschadbank". Today these banks have given the condominiums over 200 loans for investment programs implementation. In addition, we are engaged in awareness raising, holding various training programs for key groups we are working for - with local authorities, rulers, initiative groups, condominiums and local activists. This seminar is precisely such an event, our goal is to bring all the necessary information, to conduct outreach for local governments, to provide the necessary training materials, etc., - said Grzegorz Gajda.

People's deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine on Construction, Housing and Communal Services Alyona Babak addressed the participants with a welcoming speech and a report on "The features of a new stage of housing reform, in particular the management of multi-apartment buildings ".

The Head of Housing Policy Management of Department of life support systems and housing policy of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Svetlana Startseva told the seminar participants about the stages of implementation of the Law of Ukraine “On Peculiarities of Exercising Ownership Rights in Multi-Apartment Building" as well as about the procedure for cancellation of multi-apartment buildings from the balance by local government bodies.

Legal Adviser of IFC Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Project Zoya Goptsy responded to such pressing questions as: Who owns the multi-apartment building? Who makes a decision about its management? Is there an owner of privatized apartments? She also paid special attention to the rights, duties and responsibilities of the community as a co-owner of multi-apartment buildings.

Doctorate in Public Administration, Director of Municipal Management, Professor of Management of National Economy and Economic Policy of the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine Natalia Oleiynyk made a presentation on "New relations in the housing and communal services. Are we allowed to spend budget funds to repair private property? The role of local governments after July 1, 2016 ".

Financial Advisor of IFC Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Project Mykola Ilyinov told the participants about the payers for the energy efficiency of housing stock and where to get funds for energy efficiency measures and their payback.

The speeches of the head of Condominiums Council of Lutsk, member of the Executive Committee of Lutsk City Council Roman Bondaruk and chairman of the Association of condominiums "Luchany" Julia Sabatyuk also raised a great interest among the participants. They talked about support for energy efficiency of housing stock at the local level, development and adoption of local co-financing programs, as well as the relationship between co-owners, combating monopolies and support of local government.

Under the seminar there was also presented the automated system of municipal statistics (, Nadiya Eremenko, consultant of municipal statistics of the Association of Cities of Ukraine told about its substance and importance in the work of local governments, about benefits of its using.

At the end of the seminar the participants were offered the experience of a practitioner - general director of private enterprise "Capital City Houses" Tatiana Bilan, who deals with maintenance of buildings. She told who the manager of an apartment building is, about the selection criteria and procedure of the contract draw up, and demonstrated her practical experience on the example of the cities of Bucha and Kyiv.

The event was finished by the speech of coordinator of utility programs of Civic Network "OPORA" Tatiana Boiko, who reported on "Effectiveness of the cities as a determining factor of successful housing sector reform in Ukraine."

The seminar was held in the format of "open microphone", the participants voiced the urgent questions and got competent answers to them. All participants received sets of handouts, all presentations of the speakers were sent to the participants by e-mail.

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On April 15, All Ukrainian non-governmental organization "Club of Mayors" conducts a free training seminar “Management of apartment buildings today and after July 1”. The event is traditionally held at the business center "Crystal", which is the general partner of the NGO "Club of Mayors."

The following issues will be considered during the seminar:

• Modern relationships in housing sector;
• Budget funds and repairing of private property;
• Examples of the condominium building management;
• Energy efficiency measures in housing: implementation and economy;
• Support for projects to improve energy efficiency of housing at the local level; co-financing and regulatory provision for developing a local program to support energy efficiency;
• Energy efficiency of housing;
Discussion of the draft law №1581-d "On housing services" and the Law of Ukraine from May 14, 2015 № 417-VIII “On peculiarities of ownership in an apartment house".

The seminar will be attended by the representatives of the World Bank Project Group "Energy efficiency in the residential sector of Ukraine", the Ministry of Regional Development, Institute of municipal management, project IFC «Energy efficiency in the residential sector of Ukraine", the Association of condominiums "Luchany" (Lutsk), heads of condominiums of Lutsk and others.
The participants will have an opportunity not only to hear the reports of the speakers, but also get useful advice from the leading experts in the abovementioned matters.

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